Virtual Health Coaching

We all need a coach in our life…

Do you feel Stuck? Are you getting the result that you want?

Let me help you achieve your Health and life Goal.  

Did you ever hear: if you’re not moving forward you’re moving backwards? 

For me, being alive represents Opportunities, Experimentation and Evolution. It’s time to learn new life lessons and explore new horizons. Our experiences allow us to improve and then we meet new challenges. Life is created to learn constantly, explore and evolve.

Even if you fall on your face you are still going forward.

LIttle Test

Take a deep breath, place both feet flat on the ground to ground yourself, close your eyes and imagine how you would like your life to be right now.  What aspects of your life would you like to change?

Would you like to feel better? Do you like to wake up more refreshed in the morning? Would you like to be in better physical health? Would you like to lose weight? Do you want to quit smoking? Do you want to do a detox? a fast? Would you like to travel more? Spend more time with the people you love? Would you like to work less? Run a marathon? Would you like to be your own boss? Would you like to launch a business? Have more energy?

Take a piece of paper and a pen and write down what you wish for in your life.

We all have ideals and dreams that we want to achieve, but have you ever notice that often our dreams remain dreams and we often never make them a reality? Your goals remain an idea that passes and disappears with time. Taking the time to write what we want in our lives allows us to materialize them and make them more accessible.

When we want to start a project, we don’t always know where to start, we lack motivation or rather this motivation crumbles as our project progresses and we finally stop in the middle.

Sometimes, through the eyes of others, this allows us to see things more clearly and make better decisions in our lives. The ultimate goal is to be in a better situation tomorrow than we were yesterday. This is the role of the Coach.

A coach is an objective person who guides you to make the best choices in order to achieve your goals. It is an ally who is committed to the success of your projects, who accompanies you and guides you to make the best decisions. It is a person who will allow you to use your full potential so that you can achieve your goals in a timely manner. It is someone who pushes you out of your limits, it is someone who helps you move forward, to continue and not lose focus. . It’s someone who is there for you. He is a person who comes to support you and helps you not to lose hope and to remain determined.

A coach is a physical and mental support for you. It’s an accountability partner that can help you:

  • Gaining clarity, make it easier for you to better understand what you really want
  • Take the first step, put in action your projects and goals of life
  • Create a plan with you to reach your goals faster or in a timely manner. Manage your time well
  • Being your accountability partner, someone who will keep you in line with your goals.
  • To help you improve your self-confidence and encourage yourself to become Better and Reach Your Full Potential
  • To help you overcome the obstacles that will come your way and help you find solutions. You will not be alone in your journey
  • To help you deal with what scares you, your insecurities and get you out of your comfort zone
  • Recognition of the possibilities for your life
  • Take your life and health in your hands
to each his own speed and to each its goals

You are the person who decides on your goals and the changes you want to see in your life. In order to achieve them, you must have clear goals, you must have an idea on how you will get there and above all you must put our ideas into action. The efforts required must be realistic and can persist over time.

For example, it is impossible to sprint for 42 km. To make a marathon, you have to find the tempo, the ideal pace to be able to keep this pace throughout the project. Often in life, it is not a race, but rather a marathon. 

At the end of the day, you are the one that will make the decision and take each necessary step, but through a series of process, let me guide you towards you goals and help you achieve them.

Together we will create a personalized program that is unique to you. Let me help you feel better through little changes in your lifestyle. Thanks to a specific program, I will be your support person, your accountability partner and I will help you establish the steps and what you must do to achieve the reasonable goals you have set for yourself.  We can work in the short, medium and long term vision. You are the master of your decisions, I only help you respect your commitments and see more clearly so that you can make the right decisions.

Let’s make your goals crystal clear and get you on the path of achieving them!