Essential oils ; My story

Those of you who know me or have been following me for a while know that I am all about essential oils and healthy living. 

Well, let’s just say that I wasn’t always like that.  Although I was always attracted to anything that smelled good, my choices didn’t always involve  non toxic options.  I was once a big fan of anything perfume, scented candles, room & pillow spray & plug in.  Yuk!!!

You know the saying that goes like this : 

When you know better, you do better.

Well, let’s just say that I didn’t know any better back then.  But once I understood how bad all those synthetics chemicals were and what the effects they had on my body and my family, it was clear to me they they didn’t belong in my life.  

My health and Wellness journey began when my husband and went through in vitro fertilization treatments.   My husband Jay had a stage 4 lymphoma cancer in his late 20’s and the treatments that cured him also left him infertile. By the way, He is all good and healthy now.   

Even though I knew that Jay and I would have to go through in vitro fertilization treatment when we were ready to have children, I certainly didn’t expect it to be such a long  and difficult journey. It was hard, it was longer than I expected and it didn’t go at all as I planned it to be.  After almost a year and half trying, more unsuccessful treatment, more disappointment and heartache, I decided to take a pause and look into my lifestyle.  I needed to make some changes.  I was looking for a different way of living that wasn’t all stressful and that wasn’t an overwhelming process.  I started to read about toxic products. That’s when I fell into the rabbit hole. There are so much toxic products that are being sold to us every day and we need to know what we are bringing into out home. 

That’s when I ditched the bad and got the good stuff inside our home.  

I started to use essential oils when I was in college, but back then, I was using a small ceramic burner. I would light a candle at the bottom and put some water on the top part with a few drops of essential oils. I was literally burning my oils. Now I now that this is possibly one of the worst things I could do to an essential oil. It destroys all the therapeutic chemicals that are in it.  Little did I know, the essential oils that I was using were not so natural after all either.  Did you know that a lot of essential oils available in the market today are adulterated, diluted and sometimes made in a lab and contains zero or very little natural constituent from a real plant?  Synthetic chemicals are much easier to produce than real, pure and 100% natural essential oils. 

Any how, during that period of In Vitro treatment, I started to take better care of myself, but also better care of my living environment. That’s also at that time that I register to natural medicine school.  I learned lots of new ways to take better care of myself and I also learn many great things about the benefits of true natural and pure essential oils.  That’s when I started to look for 100% pure, 100% natural, non adulterated, high quality essential oils that I could safely apply on my skin, take internally and diffuse around my cats and dog safely.  It was becoming important for me to have an healthy environment, because We were going to have a baby in our home soon.  Little did I know, it would be 2 babies. 🙂 Yes we have twins. 

During the same period, I discovered Thieves essential oil blend.  It happened when I was on a trip to my brother and sister in law that live in California.  She was diffusing Thieves essential oils into her home and I fell in love with it the aroma right away.

When I got back home, I did a bit of research about this blend and the company that makes it and was very impressed with their Seed to Seal quality promises. Long story short, I ordered the Young Living Starter kit  because it was the best deal I could get. I was super excited to receive my 11 oils and my diffuser and couldn’t wait to try them .  Why the heck not?  It’s worth a shot right?

When I received it, I was super excited, but didn’t know what to do with most of the oils in my kit. So I started experimenting with them and reading about them in order to learn more. Within a few days, it was obvious to me that these little bottles were changing things. I noticed changes in my energy, in my sleep, I had better concentration and focus, I found relief for my back pain.  That was it, I wanted to know more about these oils and wanted to try other blends. 

The more I did my research, the more I realized that these oils could help with so many things: 

  • General Health Maintenance
  • Supporting Immune defenses
  • Headache
  • Joint & Muscle Pain
  • Eczema and Dermatitis
  • Inability to Focus
  • Burns, Cuts & Bruises
  • Digestive Health
  • Stress & Relaxation
  • Better Sleep
  • Better mood
  • And so much more! 

When I ordered the starter kit, I didn’t realize how much it would impact me. I never expected all the good things that came into my life from this purchase.  I had to share this with others.  If it’s good for me, it’s good for You, right?

I wanted to share about the benefits, the support and the relief I was getting from the essential oils because it was life changing and it had an impact in many aspect of my life.  It’s a Journey.  It’s like entering a whole new world of health and wellness. It’s You taking charge of your own life.  

If you want to hear more about my essential oil journey and how to use them daily, you can also follow my instagram account @isabellelouis16.  I share daily routines informations, how to use oils, DIY recipe, natural perfume recipe, and so much more. 

If you think you are ready to jump in the train with me and wanna grab your own starter kit – ORDER HERE (make sure 3106959 shows in the sponsor / enroller field + select member). 

I have an exclusive facebook group for my community to learn, share, and support one another while we’re using essential oils.  You will never be alone.  It’s like one big happy family that supports each other and learn together. It’s so much fun. We have people from all over.  I’m with You in this adventure.  I am here to help you figure it out, teach you, support you, and whatever else you need. 

Let’s do it together!

We’re a Community that is uplifting, encouraging, and you will be supported every step of your journey. You deserve a safe place, and I’m so happy to have you here. I am so ready to welcome you into this sweet community!

You can always reach out to me on facebook or instagram if you have questions.