Detox your armpit deodorant

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ of your body?

The most important functions of your skin is :

  1. Protection: The skin act as our first line of defense against toxins, radiation and harmful polluant. It prevent also the loss of important body fluids.
  2. Absorption of basically anything that you put on it
  3. Excretion of toxic substances with sweat
  4. Secretion of sebum in order to hydrate the skin but also to create the acid mantle barrier.
  5. Regulation of the body temperature
  6. Sensation of heat, cold, pain and pressure
  7. Creation of Vit. D
  8. Immunity

Are you still using antiperspirant?  Perhaps you should reconsider, because a lot of harmful ingredients are found in this product such as:

  • siloxane
  • aluminum
  • mineral oil
  • dimethicone
  • talc
  • petrolatum
  • Fragrance/parfum

Do you still wanna use it now?

Once I started to be aware of all the toxic chemicals that could be found in the daily products that I was using, I started to look for better and healthier alternative.  I have been using deodorant instead of antiperspirant for a couple of years now.  At first, I hated the fact that I was sweating and I notice that I needed a little bit of time to detox before I could successfully use deodorant.

When your body releases sweat, it is either trying to regulate your body temperature or it is releasing toxins.  You actually want to sweat and release those toxins, don’t you?

What’s great about deodorant is that it will allow you to sweat, but it will prevent bad odors.  The odors are created when the bacteria that are living on your skin get in contact with your sweat.

The name says it all: a deodorant is use to deodorize, but it may also be capable to diminishes your sweat a little bit by shrinking the pores.

Detox your armpit

When you stop using an antiperspirant, it is possible that your body react to this and that you find that your are sweating more at first.  Don’t let your body odor try to turn you off this good action.  It is totally normal to have a reaction when you stop using a chemical.  Remember, you have been using these toxic chemicals under your arm for quite a while now, your body will start detoxing when you stop.

I recommand that you start with a good Armpit Detox first.

Here’s a quick and easy recipe for armpit detox.  I recommand that you do this once or twice a week for the for month when you start using natural deodorant.  It will help control the odours and speed up the adjustement period for your body towards natural products.

Armpit Detox:

  • 1 Tbsp Bentonite clay
  • 2 tsp of Apple cider vinegar
  • 1 Tbsp of Water
  • Witch hazel   “To use after as a tonic lotion“
First make the detox paste

Mix together the bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar and water to create a paste.  Use a ceramic or glass bowl.  Do not use metal spoon or bowl as it will lessen the efficacy of the paste. Rub the paste under your armpit and keep for 10 to 30 minutes.  If it irritates your skin, remove right away.

You can do this everyday or a couple of time a week for a month or as needed.

After removing the paste, apply some witch hazel on your armpit.  It will act as an astringent and close the pores of your skin.

You will have enough to do a face mask also if you want…

Apple cider vinegar contains malic and alpha hydroxy acids that will help remove dead skin and reveal healthy and vibrant new skin. Bentonite clay is know for its ability yo absorb, remove toxins, impurities and other junk from your pores.  You can also add a 2-3 drops of lavender and frankincense essential oil to your face mask.











After 20-25 minutes, remove mask gently.  I suggest not to wait for the mask to be fully dried (a.k.a. don’t do what I did, I kept it too long.  That’s why I am that red. lol!).

When you will be rinsing the mask and armpit detox, you may find that your skin is red.  There is nothing to worry,  this is normal.  This is just an increase of blood flow to the surface of your skin.  It will get back to normal after 20 to 40 minutes.

Make sure to hydrate your face well after.

Now that you detoxed your armpit, let me show you how to make your homemade detox deodorant.



DIY detox deodorant


  • 2 tbsp Coconut oil
  • 3 tbsp Shea Butter
  • 2 tbsp Aloe Vera
  • 1/4 tsp Vit E
  • 15-20 drops of Essential oils ***
  • 5 tbsp Arrowroot powder
  • 1 tbsp Baking soda
  • 1 tbsp Zinc oxide
  • 2 tbsp Bentonite clay
  • 1/4 tsp activated charcoal

Essential oils:***

Use 15-20 drops of any essential oils below.  You will see the number of drops of essential oils that I use to make my deodorant inside of the brackets (number of drops) You don’t have to make it exactly with the same essential oils as I did.  Make it as you wish, be creative.  I recommend to use purification, petit grain, tea tree and geranium if you want to use only a few EO.

  • Purification (5)
  • Petit grain (5)
  • Tea tree (3)
  • Geranium ( 2)
  • Ylang Ylang (1)
  • Peppermint (2)
  • Sclary sage (1)  Do not use if you are pregnant.
  • Cistus (1)
  • Juniper (1)


Mix the wet ingredients together


Then, add 15 to 20 drops of essential oils that are pure and naturals and non adulterated.

Anything that your skin will get into your blood stream. You don’t want to add pesticides or synthetics chemicals to your natural deodorant.

Make sure that you use only therapeutic grade essential oils.





Add the dry ingredients to the mixture and mix well until you get a creamy and homogeneous texture.

You can now eat it (just kidding) or transfer it into a glass jar.

When ready to use, take a pea size of the deodorant and apply it directly on your armpit.  Massage to help it penetrate.  The gray color will disappear as you rub it on your skin.

Let me know if you tried it and how it went.  I love to read your comments.

Have a great day.

Isabelle – Votre Amie Essentielle