Ionic foot detox

Ionic Foot Bath Detox

Let’s face it, we live in a toxic world. There’s all those chemicals in our environment; petrochemicals, pesticides, food additives, heavy metals (fluor, mercury, cadmium, lead, aluminum), synthetic perfume, plastics and more.  Let’s not forget the pollution by electro magnetic field.  They bombard  our body daily and even though our body is meant to detox daily, this burden of toxins makes it more and more difficult for it to do the work.   The good news is that we can help our body detox by giving him a little support.

We are energy!

The human body is energy and that’s what the ionic bath will do for you.  It will help you increase your energy at a cellular level.

We can help our physical body, the trick is to know how.  If acidity sets in, the body’s electrical capacity weakens, osmotic capacity decreases, the metabolism will not be at its best and there will be countless other consequences.  There will be an accumulation of toxins, because the organs will not work as well.  Our body wastes are filtered by 5 major organs (lungs, liver, kidneys, skin and intestine).  They all depends on our body metabolism capacity to perform. When your body lose its bioelectrical fonctions because it is overloaded by acidity, the filtering organs don’t work as well and toxins will accumulate with time.

Metabolism 3 simple rules
  1. Body must regenerate more than it degenerates
  2. Body must cleanse as soon as he gets intoxicated
  3. Body must remove excess acidity appropriately

When these rules are observed, the immune system remain strong and has the capability to defend itself against aggressors.

What is an Ionic Foot bath?


The Ionic foot Bath is a gentle and safe way to help reduce toxins that collect and build up in your cells over time.  The main point of these foot detoxes is to make the body’s pH more “alkaline”.  An ionic detox, helps to facilitate the alkalinization process through the process of ionization, which removes “free radicals” from the body.

When acidity sets in, problems set in with it.  The pH is important to maintain good health. What we put into our body, such as the foods we consume, have either acidic or alkalizing properties.  In combination to ionic foot detox, it’s important to have an healthy and balanced diet. The more of the higher alkaline foods you can incorporate into your diet the better. Here’s a chart that can help you.

CLICK HERE : Alkaline-Acid Food chart printable (from

Stress has also an impact on the pH of the body.  Stressful life events are acidifying for the body.

Of course, there are plenty of other acidifying factors for the body.  Breathing can be one also.  The air we breathe is therefore of primary importance.  What we breathe in the ambient air are negative ions.  An acid molecule lacks one electron.  We can neutralize it with the negative ions. If the air is pure and fresh, the negative ions are even more present.  The closer one gets to the neg ions, the more one feels relieved.  Remember the last time you were on the beach, by the ocean?  How did you feel? Better by any chance?  Well, an ionic bath could be compared to a walk on the beach or sitting near a large waterfall.

The ionic foot bath is based on the bioenergetics technology that creates an energy field similar to the human body’s.  It is mainly a body ionization.  It is now possible to get ionized without having to go to the beach, or forest, or waterfall,  etc….


What it is meant to do – How does an Ionic Foot bath work?

A Ionic Foot detox is a therapy that uses electrolysis to generate positive and negative ions in a basin of water in witch your will submerged your feet.  The device generates a flow of clean current into the warm tap water.  This process helps to stimulate a relaxation response in the body.

The ions generated by the current in the water will help draw oppositely charged toxins out of the body and into the water.  It has also been found that this process allows the body to better detox even after the session is over. 

Ionic foot bath should be one of the tool that you use to help your body detoxify so when you add the good stuff you will reap the benefit from them.  Think about it, if you moved into a dusty and dirty home, will you bring your furniture inside right away?  Probably not.  You will clean up your new home before you move in.  The same  thing should apply to your body.  Often, we add detoxification supplement, good vitamins, plant base medicine and all sort of product to help us feel better, but we didn’t clean up before we started adding in.  Make sure that you always help your body remove the bad before adding good nutrients in.


The Ionic Foot Bath Procedure

You will sit comfortably with your feet in a basin of warm water to which I will add sea salt to improve the conductivity. The warm water will help dilates the pores of your feet.  Your feet have lots of pores, your body organs are represented in the reflexology points and your foot are also great conductor. It’s also possible to do the ionic bath detox with your hands, this will further stimulate the upper part of the body.

The process is safe, relaxing, and non-invasive, with no harmful side effects.

What to expect after an Ionic Foot Bath Detox session

  • Increased Energy
  • Sense of Wellness
  • Relaxation, Calmness
  • Better concentration

Myth about ionic foot bath

Through the ionic bath session, we usually see a change in the water color and murkiness.  It will change color from clear to a dark brown.  Although it’s interesting to watch, it’s not all from the body.  It is false to think that this is the toxins from your body that are getting in the water through your feet. In fact, some of the changes are from the chemical reaction from the copper in the array, the sea salt and the current from the ionic machine. the water changes color naturally because of the chemical reaction between the electricity and the salt water, not because of toxins.

So don’t be fooled by the infomercials; it’s actually the debris that begins to form in the water that are the toxins and most of the toxins will be evacuated later via sweat, urine and other kind of body eliminations.  The detox continues to alkalize the body up to 48-52 hours after the treatment.  One should not eat/drink acidic foods after a treatment, to help better facilitate the detox process. Drink  plenty of water.  You can add lemon juice to it, even though lemon is acid to the taste, the lemon juice is very alcalinizing for the body.

It’s a very safe and effective treatment that many clients it regularly as part of their ongoing health maintenance.

Ionic foot bath can help improve many of the following condition:

      •    Increase natural Energy levels
      •    Improves the body’s lymph circulation, similar to a Swedish massage
      •    Helps support Immune systems
      •    Relieves muscle and joint pain and swelling.
      •    Can help reduce and relieve migraines and headaches.
      •    Can help improve and clear up skin conditions
      •    General improvement in your health and well being.
      •    Allergies and sensitivities
      •    Helps improve quality of sleep and relaxation
      •    Can assist weight loss
      •     Effectively supporting and reinforcing other methods to detoxify your body
      •    Helps improve moods

Is the ionic detox good for anybody?

Yes! Most people can benefit from an ionic detox. It is especially good for those suffering from gastrointestinal disorders, chronic pain, skin conditions, fungal or yeast infections and cancer.

Pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding, anyone who has a pacemaker or an electronic device implanted in their body, anyone who has had an organ transplant and/or is taking immunosuppressant drugs, as well as anyone who is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment, who has open sores or lesions on his/her feet,  kids below the age of 6, anyone with kidneys problems or is on dialysis should avoid an ionic foot bath.   People with Diabetes Type I should use this therapy with precaution.

We cannot stress enough how important detoxification in general can be to establishing a strong base for improving your health.  It can help improve the effectiveness of other treatments.

What will I experience during the session?

You may feel some tingling in your feet or just warm relaxation during your session. We provide a glass of water with electrolytes for you to drink to enhance the effect of your session.

What should I feel after the session?

This varies from person to person. Some people report feeling relaxed and a better sense of well-being. Others report feeling tired, but after a night’s sleep then feeling energized.

How often should I have an ionic foot bath session?

It is recommended to have 2 treatments per week for up to 3 months.  You should skip 1-3 days between sessions.  After 12-14 sessions, take 10-14 days off.  Then the cycle may begin again.

In general, for maintenance, try to cleanse one time per week.

Cost for Ionic foot detox

Buy 1 session $50.00

Buy 10 sessions $450.00  (You save $50.00)

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If  someone tells you that they can heal you, remember that this is not the reality.

We may help your move towards a better health, but at the end of the day it’s your own body that heals itself. Just make sure to support it properly so he can do a better job at it.

Do not hesitate to contact us at the clinic if you have more question.

I hope this information was helpful to you

Have a wonderful day and remember to be grateful for something today

Isabelle – Votre Amie Essentielle


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