Essential Oils

What are Essential Oils ?

Essential oils are Organic Volatile Compound that are created within the plant for many reasons.  While essential oils are in the plant, they are constantly changing their chemical composition, helping the plant to adapt to the ever-changing internal and external environment.  The chemistry of an essential oil is very complex and may consist of hundreds of different and unique chemical compounds.  

Did you know that insects are very rarely found on peppermint plants and the presence of linalol in the peel of citrus fruits confers resistance to attack by the Caribbean fruit fly?

They are in fact the immune system of a plant. These chemical compounds protect the plant by their antifungal and antibacterial nature. I also like to refer to essential oils as the soul of the plant or tree because of the ,,biological intelligence,, that remain in the essential oil after its been properly distilled. 

There are 3 known ways to use essential oils

1- TOPICAL: Dermal application (on the skin)

2-AROMATHERAPY (inhaled or diffused)  very low level of risk and probably the best way to use essential oils

3-INGESTION: Taken internally 

Always make sure to use only the greatest and purest quality of essential oils.  Make sure you know and trust the company you choose to use.

At home and at the clinic, I use the essential oils from the company Young Living.  In my opinion, they are the purest and most effective essential oils that can be obtained. A lot of testing is done on these oils to assure the quality but also the potency and efficacy.  I have had the privilege of visiting their farms, their distilleries, their laboratories and their facilities many times and I can assure you that every precaution is taken to offer only very high quality products. I

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