I started this treatments 6 months ago and I am now starting to see results. I had to be patient because at first I didn’t think much was happening… I now see a greater density of hair on the top of my head. As the treatments require a certain financial investment, I shopped around for 3 clinics before making my choice and this was the least expensive and the only one that allowed me to spread out the payments monthly.  C.B.


The hair clinic has done a good job at improving the quality of my hair and inducing new growth. For the past two years I have been doing the treatments and I have literally had a regrowth and improvement of my hair. My hair are less dry and I can easily run my hand through my hair without loosing several hairs in the process. The key to success: patience and regularity in your sessions. It takes about 6 months to notice a good improvement. It’s not an expense but an investment for your ego.     S.K.


I have been working for Dr. Alain Méthot’s dental clinic, which is in the same location as Spa Capillaire Ego, for almost 1 1/2 years. I must admit that at the beginning I simply did not believe in this type of treatment. I was very reluctant. Over time, I have seen results in many people. I have to admit that I was amazed because in my eyes, there was no way that this could work. Over the months I have seen people smile again. So for the skeptics like me, trust me and don’t hesitate! July


May 13, 2012, You wouldn’t believe it, even trying it is worth the trip! The laser that makes hair grow. Anyway, this is my opinion on Clinique capillaire Spa EGO and I share it!

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