Laser treatment against hair thinning and hair loss

Low level light therapy is great to improve your hair quality and it will also help stabilize your hairloss.

Our mission is to help you stop your hairloss and get healthier hair by promoting the production and growth of stronger,
brighter and healthier hair shaft.

With laser treatments, you can improve the quality of your hair and stimulate new regrowth. In fact, Low Intensity Laser Therapy (LLLT) is one of the most valuable existing options in the treatment of hair loss. Hair is an important part of our overall appearance. Bio-stimulation laser therapy is an effective treatment against hair loss that works by rejuvenating and nourishing weakened hair follicles.  LLLT improves the biologic environment, by increasing blood and lymph microcirculation to the hair roots, removing blockages around
the hair follicle, and energizing cells and the hair papillae to take in nutrients faster, allowing the hair to grow thicker and stronger.


When the hair follicles absorb the energy of the laser light, this has the effect of increasing blood flow in the scalp, help eliminating harden sebum, impurities and remove excessive DHT. 

DHT is responsible for causing hairloss known as androgenetic alopecia. In addition, vasodilatation will bring more nutrients, protein and vitamins towards your hair follicles, helping to make hair stronger, brighter and healthier.

It is a great alternative for patients who are not ready to resort to hair transplant surgery or who are concerned about the possible side effects of the drugs against hair loss. Laser therapy is a natural, safe and medicated treatment that delivers incredible results

Don’t wait any longer.  Stop the hairloss now, begin your treatment today.



How Sunetics laser grows hair?

Laser therapy is the technique that use low level laser therapy (LLLT) in order to increase the blood flow in the scalp, to stimulate the hair follicles, healing them and helping them to regrow thicker and in a heathlier way. Basically, it help the follicle to heal, it reduces inflammation and stimulates normal regrowth.

Studies show that low level laser therapy is able to:

Increase the production of ATP to energize & repair the weakened follicle
Increase blood micro-circulation to the follicle
Increase the nutrient acquisition by the follicle
Increase oxygen uptake and calcium ion mobilization
Increase the rate of removal of harmful DHT
Decrease follicular inflammation
The increase in cellular activity and removal of harmful DHT allows the follicle to heal and regrow normal, healthy hairs.

How it works

Laser lights penetrate into a very very thin layer of the skin od the scalp, stimulates energy production at the cellular level and improves cell function. Laser hair therapy stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation in the follicle, decreases inflammation, and energizes follicular cells for thicker growth of thicker hair. Almost anyone with lightening hair is a candidate for low level laser hair therapy.

The theory of how this non-invasive and non-chemical anti-hair loss treatment works is that the light stimulate energy production at the cellular level; therefore, improve cell function. Clinical studies have suggested that this cellular and sub-cellular activity breaks down the accumulation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), responsible for hair loss (alopecia), and draws it into the lymphatic system so it can be evacuated.

LLLT also rejuvenates hair follicles during diffuse hair loss and menopausal hair loss, as well as early hair loss in young men. It can be used alone, with Rogaine or Propecia (Proscar), or after a hair transplant, to improve the healing process and help grafted hair to develop

The treatment will not work on completely bald areas, the hair follicles must still be alive in order to be rejuvenated. Laser will work only in areas where the follicles are alive. The results are visible after 4 to 6 months of consistent treatment.  It is important to respect the treatment program for the best results. Men and women treated for hair loss sit comfortably under the lasers, as they gently transmit phototherapy to the scalp. Most of our patients read a magazine during treatment.

The therapy does not cause pain or discomfort – some patients report “tingling of the scalp”.

Patients who used the therapy said that their hair looked and felt thicker, bulkier, and healthier, and they noticed an improvement in hair growth.

Benefits of Laser Hair Therapy (650nm wavelenght)
  • Proven technology in thousands of clinical studies
  • Safe, conforms to FDA and IEC safety standards
  • Effective
  • Increases blood supply to the scalp by 54% after only one treatment
  • Delivers coherent Laser energy directly
  • Stimulates hair follicle and regrowth of hair
  • Stops excessive DHT and hair shedding and loss
  • Thicker hair cortex, fuller, shinier, softer and more manageable hair
  • Repairs and improves hair shaft quality
  • Relieves irritating scalp disorders
  • Increased hair strength and elasticity
  • Enhances the lasting effects of hair color and perms by closing the cuticle
  • Pigment reinstatement
  • Non-invasive method, no surgery
  • No thermal damage or burns
  • Pain free
  • No side effects
  • No drugs or medications
  • No alteration or destruction of molecular structure or DNA
The procedure is beneficial for:
  •  Men or women who have or expect to have hereditary hair loss
  • Those with secondary hair loss due to illness or medications
  • Ladies who have or may have post-partum hair loss
  • Patients using medications for hair loss
  • Those who have had or expect to have surgical hair restoration
  • Men or women who have hair loss due to medication (chemotherapy)

Laser Cap

The Physician’s Choice for Take-Home, Light Based Hair Regrowth

LaserCap® LCPRO ™ also uses a low-intensity laser to improve cell respiration and function by stimulating follicular cells in hair. Better respiratory cells for better functioning of the hair follicle, and produces happier, healthier hair!  Until recently this technology was only available through in-office devices, in hair clinics. With LaserCap® you can now take it home, making it a much more effective treatment.

Under LLLT Treatment The initial step is to make an appointment with us. We will make a hair assessment, and provide the LaserCap® and usage instructions. Typically the LaserCap® is worn 30 minutes three times a week, with results starting to be noticeable in 12 weeks.

  • A ‘prescription only’ in-home medical device approved by the FDA
  • No Side Effects, Non-surgical Solution
  • Available by Physician Only
  • Optimal Light Energy Delivered
  • Full Scalp Coverage & Even Light Distribution
  • Light, Thin Flex Shell for Ultimate Comfort
  • Portable, Easy to Use and Travel With

Follow-up visits are highly recommended and important to monitor progress. LaserCap® can also be used with other treatments, such as PRP and shared with family.

LaserCap® is the original laser light therapy, take-home device for the medical management of hair loss. It is FDA Cleared to help stop hair loss and regrow hair. Our products are made in the USA and are only available through our network of esteemed physician providers.  CLICK HERE FOR LASERCAP FACT SHEET

Le Lasercap Elites
80 laser diodes
Lifetime warranty.  Contact Us to order it 

Le Lasercap Professionel
224 laser diodes
Lifetime warranty.  Contact Us to order it


We also distributors for Hairmax also.  Make an appointment today to see if you are a good candidat for laser treatment.


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