Healthy Break Fast!

Think about breakfast differently!

When you are BREAKING your FAST, it’s important that your first meal of the day be healthy. ❤

INTERMITTENT FASTING has been shown by some experts to contribute to accelerated cell repair and weight loss. When ever I can, I try to keep a window of 12 hours fasting.

Here’s how I do it:

I usually have dinner around 19:00 and I am done eating by 20:00. That means that I won’t have anything else to eat except water until 8:00 the next morning. 🕗
I will be sleeping through most of this 12 hours, which makes it easier to achieve.
Choose your food wisely when you are breaking your fast. Don’t go for junk food loaded with sugar. Eat real food as much as possible. If it doesn’t grow somewhere or wasn’t once alive, perhaps you should avoid it.

“When you start your day with sugar, you kick off an addictive cycle of sugar and carb cravings that will last all day long,” Quote: Dr. Mark Hyman

Instead, focus on a combinaison of good protein and fats.  Keep carbs at their minimum and choose good quality carbs. 😉
Why? Because…..

  • Great source of energy for the day ahead
  • Improve the feeling of satiety
  • Reduce evening snaking
  • Help regulate blood sugar
  • Help with brain function

Next time that you prepare your breakfast, think of these food:

  • Free run chicken eggs (excellent for your health and this is not true tht eggs increase the level of bad cholesterol)
  • Nuts butter (good source of protein and fat)
  • Greens (low impact on blood sugar and lots of fibers)
  • Good fats such as avocado 🥑
  • Choose a good source of protein
  • Flax seeds, Chia seeds, pumpkin seeds can easily be added to a smoothie
  • Choose high quality carbs

Ok, I admit, english muffin are not a good choice of carbs.  But eh, I love their taste and once in a while I allow myself to cheat. When you are not too strict on your daily eating habits, it make them easier to follow.
Have a great day


Isabelle Votre Amie Essentielle