In this section you will find information about single essential oils and some of my favorite blends  that I use regularly.

I will give you some information about the chemical molecules structures that you will inside each of these oils, but also their medicinal properties and the different ways of using them.

In recent years, I have followed several hours of aromatherapy training. I attended classes with:

D. Gary Young, founder of the world’s largest essential oil company Young Living
Dr. Dominique Baudoux; Pharmacist and Professor at the International College of Scientific Aromatherapy
Maurice Nicole ND, Institute of Scientific Aromatherapy
Michel Turbide, aromatherapist

I am deeply passionate about essential oils.  When they are of high quality, I believe they are magical. I have seen and experiment many benefits from them in my life and I will be happy to share with you what I found.

When used smartly, essential oils are an exceptional ally for the maintenance of good health, and when we speak of essential oil of therapeutic grade, they are very safe. They should not contain synthetic molecules, pesticides or herbicides. 

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